Pic of the Day - Purple Reigned

These flowers were extremely purple!  They were darker, far more saturated.  And they fought with the green leaves for dominance.  I found these flowers under a porch.  Can you believe it?  A porch?  Who keeps flowers under a porch?  Maybe they need indirect light?  I don't know...  But I found them there.

The sun was setting.  It was raining cats and dogs all day.  It was really foggy.  And these flowers were hiding under a porch.  I am so lucky I had my Manfrotto 055XBPRO tripod with the 3047 head, a Canon 5D mark II and a 200mm L2.8 lens.

When I composited the shot in my head, I knew I needed to choose which color to dominate the photograph.  I used Photoshop's RAW import feature to adjust this photo.  Why?  Because I am a master at Photoshop :)  I could have done this in Lightroom or Aperture.  However I choose Photoshop.  I knocked the fill light up a notch, brought up my blacks, brightness and contrast.  I then raised the clarity and reduced the Vibrance.  I then adjusted the saturation of the Greens and purples.  Lowering the greens and raising the purples.  I then raised the luminance of the greens and purples.  This caused them to really pop.  A nice little side effect was the popping of the water drops.  My final touch was to sharpen the image in Photoshop, using unsharp mask set to a high degree.

Some months ago a friend of mine showed me how some Leica photographers were processing their images.  I fell in love with their old style processing.  And tried it out on my next photo expedition.  Ironically both shots have the same subject matter.  This wasn't planned :)

The below photo was shot with my Canon 30D and a Canon 50mm F1.8 lens