Pic of the Day - Self Portrait

I'm a huge fan of podcasts.  I listen to all types.  From security to macs to photography.  In one of the photography podcasts, they spoke about the challenges of the self portrait.  I choose to take on this challenge.  Of the approximate 12 photos I took I found 2 I really liked.  My pic of the day is the one I thought made the most sense. 

Click the link directly under the photo to read more about what was in my mind when I took the photo.  It's an insight to my though process.

I choose to focus on my Canon 5D.  However I wanted to make sure I showed what went into my photography; telling a story through one photo.  

In the foreground you see the lens which is burred in the foreground. The lens has a reflection of myself inside the lens, which shows another reflection within that reflected lens and so on and so on.  This is how I think; on multiple levels, and very deep.

In focus is the Canon 5D and my fingers. This represents the tools which I use to create art.  The camera represents the technology I use.  The fingers the talents given to me.

In the near background you see my eye.  My brows are stern and focused, looking through the tools and my thoughts.  It's a portal to my soul...