New York Photo Expo - Day 1

These next couple of additional daily posts will be written the day after they occurred.  I'm just too busy with elections to write same day.  Which is why my posting times are no where near the middle of the day.

On Thursday, I went the PDN Photo Expo.  Although I wasn't able to stay long, I was able to see a few things, bump into Scott Kelby (founder the National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and Andrew Lerman (One of the kindest and most talented photographers I know.).  I was also able to take a nice look at the New Leica M camera (Not yet available for purchase.  The Leica M is a very solid camera.  I had very little time to play with it & wasn't able to keep any photos I took with it.  When I asked one of the people from Leica who has used the M and the Leica Monochrome, he told me it's still a prototype and it wouldn't be fair to compare the two cameras.  That's fair.

I am very excited to get my hands on the not yet released Cokin "Pure Harmonie" (Their spelling) screw on filters.  I could never do what I saw justice, with my description of the filter.  However they are so incredibly thin, I didn't believe you could screw on any additional filters.  But you can.  I'd like to see how well a lens cap will stay on them.  If everything works out, these filters will find themselves on my lenses.

The last entry is about Shawn from Squarespace.  Shawn ran several webinars I attended for Squarespace.  He was incredibly helpful and very knowledgable. We both were surprised to bump into one another at the show.  I asked him some questions and he graciously helped me.  Meeting him in person was an honor.  Thank you Shawn.