From The Archives: Jetta

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This is Jetta.  I've known her since she was a young dog.  She played with my dog Marley nearly every day for many many years.  On Sept 11, 2010 Marley died 2 months short of turning 15 years old..  In my dispair I wanted to take one more walk to the dogrun across the street from my apartment.  I had not seen Jetta for some time, but while I was crossing the street, I saw Jetta and her owner, Louis.  My heart wondered... I had not expected to see any of Marley's dog mates.  Seeing her, I watned to make sure I captured her... if not for Louis, then for me.  In honor of my Marley.  I learned that Jetta died 2 weeks later.  She was shy of 13 years old.