Black & White

Cultural Gathering In Contrast

People enjoying the peace at Lincoln Center, New York.  My intention of this piece was to utilize the brightness of the illuminated water and the night to establish a high contrast black and white photo.  I wanted to capture the feeling which would allow the viewer to feel as if they could be one of the people there or one of the people approaching the fountain.

Spying On Contrast

As many of my little in prompt to photo sessions begin, I am often sitting around with my friends or colleagues, and see photographs in my mind's eye.  I wanted to capture my friend who's camera shy in a manner which would help her overcome her shyness.  I love high contrast black and white photography.  And felt the computer monitors next to her face would cast enough light to deliver a sharp silhouette. I love the hard grain of 3200 speed film; and wanted to shoot with a high ISO to help simulate it.

In the end she liked it, and said I could use it.

One last note of interest.  This was the last photo I took with my old Sigma 27-70mm 2.8f EX DG Macro lens.

Loving Realization

A very dear group of photos, I was fortunate to take of a long time friend and her beautiful dog.  I met them many years ago at a dog run, in Manhattan.  Jess was fairly new there and Cocoa was just a young dog, filled with wonder, inquiry and fun.  As our dogs played, Jess and I became friends.  

Then one day, Jess moved away...

I was very happy to have an opportunity to visit one day this past summer; and take photos of both of them.  I knew Cocoa's time was near.  To me there was a sense of urgency.  I wanted to capture them both together.  It was important to me to be able to give Jess some of the great moments they both shared.

Cocoa passed away this past Sunday (10-21-12).  I am so very sorry, Jess.

Shape Contrast

I've wrote before  (in the previous version of about happy accidents.  I say embrace accidents.  While wondering near some construction, I spied a pigeon walking out of the darkness into the light.  I took a couple of photographs of the pigeon, then realized exactly what the pigeon was walking into.  A mosaic of shapes caused by light, shadow and tile.  I re-focused my lens and framed up the shot.  In the end, I captured the below photo.  As far as the pigeon... idk another day I suppose.

Tiffanys Ignored

The Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey, keeps a well known secret.  It was designed by Tiffany.  Yes the light blue box that every woman appreciates, Tiffany's.  The terminal is absolutely beautiful.  And every day people disregard the splendor and luxury which surrounds them.  Why?  I would guess it's mostly because the terminal hasn't/wasn't taken as good of car as it should have been taken care of.  Finally age has an impact.

If you get the opportunity to go there, look around.  You'll clearly see Tiffany's influence.  This is the first of 4 photographs which will make their way onto the site.  It is a photo of how people ignore a beautiful not-so-famous Tiffany lamp.