The below images are taken from three separate events.  However they all have one thing in common which help make them notable.  Contrast.  There are many times you'll see a photograph where the average person can't fully explain why they like the photo.  They just know they do or are somehow attracted to the photo.  Case in point the photo of a baby sleeping in a flower.  There are many photos of babies sleeping in flowers.  But they all have that contrast which allows them all to become notable by the viewer.  

Regardless if you use a digital SLR or a simple point and shoot throw away camera.  Take a moment and see how you can place something which enable or bring out the contrast of the photo you are about to take.  It may be as simple as a small child behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.  Or a baby lamb sleeping with two week old wolf cubs.

There are so many rules to photography you should know.  The best way to make those rules a part of your life, is to shoot often.  You don't start brushing your teeth by placing toothpaste on your teeth, then brushing right?  The same with photography.  Do it often enough and when you shoot you won't even think about the contrast in the photo.  You'll register it as you register placing toothpaste on a toothbrush before brushing.

Please give me your feedback.  I would appreciate it greatly.

I hope you enjoy the photos.