Pic of the Day - Signs

I joined a photography group which shoots typography.  Yesterday, I went sign hunting.  I shot several.  And had many quality photos.  However I wanted something a bit different, yet very familiar.  I know people have shot these sign holders before.  However I felt (and please let me know if you differ), this photo stands out just a bit more than the others.  Take a look at the sign itself.  Although the typography is simple.  Take into account it's color, composition and clairty.  Now search for the other sign in the photo.  It has characteristics which are the in reverse.  I am referring to the fire hydrant.

Both the hydrant and the sign share reverse characteristics.  They are red type on a white background vs. white type on a red background.  Both the sign makers didn't care about the quality of the signs.  The bike sign is cut off, but still legible.  The hydrant sign is carelessly printed, yet still legible.  Both signs provided work (although arguably) of poor craftsmanship.

I like this shot very very much.