Pic of the Day: Hardly Soft Nature

There's this Church I often pass.  The exterior archetecture is often passed by without notice by the thousands of people who pass by it each week.  One day I set out to photograph this beautiful church.

While on my way there, I took out my Canon 5D afixed with a 200mm 2.8L.  I initially saw a young man sitting on the steps of the Church.  I wanted to take his photo, but as I stopped more than 80 feet from him, to take out my camera; he looked right at me.  I said to myself, "Ok, I'll get you later."  I focused on shooting the church's exterior; looking for little hidden treasures.  However before I was able to truly obtain an unobstructed point of view, I found myself looking through beautifuly lit leaves.  My eye was drawn to stone leaves in the collumns flanking the church windows.

This photo shows an example of contrast.  Color vs. Monochrome.  Softness vs. Hardness.  Bightness vs. Darkness.  And finally Leaves vs. Stone.

I hope you enjoy.