Light Focuses

Years ago, when I was young and easily impressionable... I opened my father's draw and found an Olympus camera.  I remember holding it in my hands... winding the camera... pretending I was taking photos.  And who knows... perhaps I was.  I had no clue what made it "click".  I was young enough not to know what film was, or how it worked.

There was a weight to that camera.  And that feel of leather and metal.  And ohhh those mysterious buttons.  I played with them all, I assure you.  And from time to time, I would sneak into that drawer and take out that camera; and just hold it in my hands... The mysterious object that took photos...

It's been a long time since I was that young... but I never forgot that camera.  So when I hold a camera in my hands now I can still revert, back to that child...  I can still wonder sometimes, how that magic little object works.  The difference is I know what the buttons are. 

For years I've heard photographers say, "... I catch the light..." And for many years, I thought, "I catch the moment."  Which is true.  For most it's light.  But I believe for some its the moment.  In this particular example... I'll leave what I did as a mystery.  I hope you enjoy it.

@2012 - Daniel Russo