Film Developing Problem

I'm having a serious problem developing film. I went about 4 months, where I couldn't develop film. It was last summer. I was in Connecticut recuperating. I kept my solutions in a dark usually cool place. However I was not there to monitor the solutions; and several heat waves struck the region.

When I finally developed my film the negatives came out clear. I thought the heat destroyed my solutions; or something was wrong with my camera. As I had followed the same developing techniques I has successfully developed in the past. And the film camera I had used to shoot was with me in CT in an air conditioned home.  So it was spared the heat waves' affects.

I tried different cameras and lenses to rule them out. Even different formats. 35mm and 120mm. All failures. Each time the negative came out clear. The numbers were on top of the film.

Earlier this week I purchased a new round of solutions. I mixed them with distilled water at 68˚ F / 20˚ C. While carefully monitoring the temperature of the solutions, I developed a test roll. Fail. Clear film. It's killing me!!!

Any thoughts?