Tribute To Soldiers

One of the most touching photos I've taken.  It's a forest which was planted to mimic the Argon, during World War I, made to become a Memorial to the Veterans of the first Great War. The trees are alive and scared.  I cannot locate this place again.  I just know it's in Southern New Jersey.

Taken from the Photo Blog Archive, where there are many more photos of this Memorial Park.

The Frying Pan's Sunflower

Deep in the bowels of a social gathering spot (and Lightship} located along the Hudson River (called The Frying Pan), I found a miniature sunflower resting inside of a watering can.  Dark and what you'd expect of the innards of a salty ship to look like, I found this wonderful touch of feminine beauty.  It stands out as lovely as the establishment's manager, Danielle.

The Frying Pan is a Lightship docked near by.  I photographed this using my friend's Canon 7D and my Canon 70-300 F4-5.6 L Series lens.

Inside A Flowers Glow

I took this photo while in Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York, inside of the Secret Garden.  There were many flowers exposing themselves in many different angles.  I was shooting with a Canon 5D mark II and my Canon FD 50mm 3.5f Macro lens.

I placed myself into the mindset of a bee.  I started to wonder what it would look like if I were not only looking into a flower, but looking into a flower from below the flower and into it's natural hanging (drooping) state.  I realized the interior of the flower still captures sunlight, although it's not facing directly into the sun.  As you can see the petals help illuminate the interior of the flower.  

Depth By Bananas

While walking through Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York, I came across a fruit vendor.  His cart caught my eye because it had an abundance of these bananas hanging off it's right side.  Mixed with the bananas were Plantains also known as Plantanos.

My idea was to capture the wonderful delicious color of the fruit so good it's name is synonymous with going insane - BANANAS. 

My goal was to not only capture the bananas, but show how different they are from one another.  I was shooting with a Canon FD 50mm 3.5f lens on a Canon 5D mark II.  Although it was very bright outside, I wanted to reduce the depth of field as much as possible, to allow the color and texture speak for the entire photo.