Studio Photography

Pic of the Day: Young Ice

As I wrote yesterday, I tried out my Ice Light yesterday for the first time.  I posted up some photos which I was asked to take.  A friend of mine who has messed around with photography was there, and I let him take some photos with the Ice Light.  Those photos are his to post or do whatever he wishes.  And I will not post them on my site.  However I did ask him, since he was there, if he wanted me to take a couple of shots of him.  He said yes.  These are the results.

Pic of the Day: The Brock Portraits

One of the experiences I had at the PDN Photo Expo in New York City was my purchase of a Westcott Ice Light.  I immediately knew I should I have purchased two of them.  They are spectacular.  I would recommend this light to anyone looking to pick up consistent lighting for their photo or video shoots.  The light is super light, mountable and provides a nice true light.  

Today I was able to photograph a very gifted designer Daniel Brock.  After seeing my work, Daniel asked me to take his portrait.  I made sure to keep him calm and relaxed.  I constantly spoke with him while shooting and photographed him with both a Canon 100mm 2.8L lens and a Zeiss 50mm Planner 1.4 lens. 

My goal was to take very flattering photos of Daniel; and take some high contrast photos, which Daniel had said he liked, after viewing my work.