macro photography


colleague of mine pulled a little joke on a co-worker.  The co-worker had a little bird on her desk.  He took the bird, wrapped a napkin around it's eyes and placed a rubber band around it's torso, to simulate rope.  The bird is only 3 inches long.  Perhaps 2 inches tall.  His goal was to send her a note informing her that her bird was bird-napped.  He wasn't extorting money or anything.  It was just for laughs.

He asked me to photograph the bird, so he can send her a picture of the bird-napped bird.  We use large WACOM tablets.  I placed the bird on top of his tablet and used my tablet as a background.  Effectively making a semi-seamless.  I used a small lamp to act as one of those hanging lights we are all so familiar with when someone is given the third degree when being questioned.

Since I was using a Macro lens, I knew my depth of field (dof) was going to be pretty shallow.  I under exposed as much as I thought the image could sustain without muddy-ing up the bird.  I went into Lightroom; and I used the gradient ND filter effect to under-expose the image further at the top, bottom, and sides.  In the end my colleague loved it and our co-worker roared with laughter.


Rough Spots & Revision

Updating my site to the latest server software was something I was hesitant about doing.  I kept bouncing it back and forth.  I weighed the good and the bad points.  In the end, I believe change won the argument all by itself.  I can hold on to the past or embrace the future.  

With the PND Photo Expo in 2 weeks, I decided to place some more stock in my hardware.  One of the pieces I acquired was a Canon 100mm macro EF 2.8L lens.  I purchased the lens from a very talented photographer, named Robert.  I'm leaving out his last name as I have not told him about his making my new entry on the first day my site went live....

Live?  Well it's been live for a few months now.  I just finally took of the dust cover.  As you can see I already have content (below) from some time back.  This site took a lot of testing.  In the end I hope you will love it.

Back to Robert selling me his 100mm macro.  After finding out that Robert shot some very precious photos with the very lens he was selling me, I was very eager to go out and shoot with it.  Unfortunately I had a shoulder operation earlier in the year which prevents me from holding my heavy Canon 5D mark II, battery grip and attached 100mm macro 2.8L lens in my right hand.

I am taking it easy... if you will.  But as I become stronger, I was able to start carrying the heavier stuff... In the end... I offer you this photo for your inspection.  I hope you are honest with yourself and with me.