Look Up And See It Yourself

While walking out of my door.  On my way to run some errands, I looked up and saw this.  I knew I would have killed myself for not taking this photo, so I went upstairs, grabbed my Canon 5D mk2 and took 3 shots. The first one was blown out.  Second was almost there.  This was perfect.

You are looking at a photo which was taken straight from RAW to the screen.


A graphic designed photograph taken of Alvin "Brooklyn Born" Alverez.  The elements were added in post, using the same techniques as I have used in some of my award winning graphic design work.

The Frying Pan's Sunflower

Deep in the bowels of a social gathering spot (and Lightship} located along the Hudson River (called The Frying Pan), I found a miniature sunflower resting inside of a watering can.  Dark and what you'd expect of the innards of a salty ship to look like, I found this wonderful touch of feminine beauty.  It stands out as lovely as the establishment's manager, Danielle.

The Frying Pan is a Lightship docked near by.  I photographed this using my friend's Canon 7D and my Canon 70-300 F4-5.6 L Series lens.