PDN Photo Expo NY - Day 2 (Delayed)

My second day at the photo expo was even shorter than my first.  I was able to spend about an hour on the floor looking at various vendors and really cool products, before heading off to work; where I was working on the open for Current TV's electoral coverage.  (But more on that later.)

With my one hour at the expo, I was able to check out some pretty cool things.  Nikon as with every year had a super long line.  Nikon was giving away something again.  I didn't bother to check out what it was.  There was no way I could have waited on the line, to take advantage of whatever it was they were giving away.  

I was able to pick up my camera and lens from Canon's CPS' free clean and check.  My camera as expected was tip top.  I stopped by their printing area to check it out.  They limited their print sizes this year.  I suppose its because last year there was a massive line to use their 2 large format printers.  Non the less, if you don't own one of those large printers… you got a free print :)