PDN Photo Expo NY - Day 3 (Delayed)

Saturday!  Hallelujah!  Oh no… wait.  I had to get up extra early this time, head to the expo then go to work!  Auuughhhh!  The good part of it all, I was able to really check it out today.

What I ended up doing was actually heading to work earlier then head to the expo around noon, then head back to work around 3-ish.  This time around I was able to take a better look around.  After meeting with my friends and some family, I bumped into Zack Arias.  Zack was very nice and very patient.  He agreed to take a photo of with me.  Which ended up being two… just in case.

I looked at various venders, dismayed I wasn't able to really sink my teeth into the vendors I wanted to talk with.  Billingham was there. Although for the first time in years I didn't see Harry Billingham at the show.  Induro wasn't at the show.  I was looking forward to discussing their lines of extra light weight travel tripods with them.  I also was let down by PocketWizard; but once again, they weren't there.  And mostly Feisol wasn't' there.

Feisol is a European tripod company, shocked me last year be being the lightest tripod I was able to find at the show.  (My brother was in the market.)  This year I am in the market.  I was so impressed with Feisol, I waited months to meet with their representatives at the expo.  As you already know, they weren't there.  

IMPORTANT:  Feisol's site is feisol.net.  There is a feisol.com, which looks similarly to the dot net, but is buggy.  The prices are different from the dot net.  If you Google Feisol, you'll see the dot net come up.  Be careful.  Or just order from B&H, they sell them.